Traveling Wedding Photographer //  Lex and the Lotus Photography

Hey there! I'm Alexa and I'm a traveling destination photographer based in sunny Orange County, California. I thrive to take romantic, documentary style photos to capture many expressions of love. I live for the "in-between" moments. The laughter, the hugs, the tears.

I absolutely love dogs (especially squishy faced ones), being one with nature, fall colors, a good pair of boots and seeing new places. Oh, and ice cream...can't forget that! Coffee flavored ice cream, even better. I LOVE to travel and I don't mind plane rides. Crazy, I know.

Not only do I wear the photographer hat, I also help you plan out your wedding day timeline, refer amazing vendors, fix your dress or tie and I may even tear up during your first dance. My goal is to go above and beyond before, during and after your big day to tell YOUR story properly.

On a different note, have you ever stumbled upon your parents, grandparents or even great grandparents photo albums? Well, I have...and received a rush of nostalgic feelings being able to live in that moment, even if I physically wasn't there. Photography isn't just capturing the moment, it's preserving the emotions for many years to come. It's so important not only to freeze these special moments but to also bring them to life. That's where I come in and I absolutely love my responsibility!

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